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In the shadow of Treblinka

[page 162]   Next day Final chapter by M. Canin It is hard to tread on the graves of ancestors for the first time. It is also hard to come to your own town. Return to where you saw the beauty of the fields for the first time, where your father brought you to the cheder for the first time, where your eyes saw God’s world for the first time. In Sokołów I knew every stone and every tree. I could list everyone I met when I was walking down the street for the first time on my own. Sokołów…

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History contest 2012

On 19 March 2012, during a meeting at the Sokołów Podlaski Scout Centre we learned the winners of the competition for the best text about the history of Jews from Sokołów Podlaski and its vicinity. You can read them below: 1st place — Dominika Częścik Jewish Inhabitants of Skibniew The Forgotten Shtetl Before the war, about a dozen Jewish families lived in Skibniew, which is located between Sokołów Podlaski and Kosów Lacki, in the Sokołów Podlaski commune. Though Jews did not constitute a majority in the countryside, their presence was visible. The information regarding the local Jewish community comes from…